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Sunday, April 20, 2008

I suppose you've been wondering where I've been-

I've been everywhere! At least I've been busy enough that I haven't taken any time to reflect and tell the internet where I've been.

You see, the BSU has been out of town, up in Oregon for a nephew's wedding, since Wednesday. The trip was kind of short notice and I just up and sent her on the big, jet plane. She comes home tonight. I've got about 45 minutes before leaving to retrieve her.

In her absence, I've been to Impact Guns to shoot my Warthog, which as I previously reported, still does not chamber ammunition properly. Friday I went fishing with Kenny and we had a fine old time drowning some nightcrawlers in search of a big catfish or two. No big catfish were caught but we did catch a small handful of anxious, little catfish who were all returned safely to the Bear River. Later that day I began the reassembly of Sleek Black Beauty, out in my shop until I was tired and ready for a shower and a drink- which turned into 3 or 4 drinks before bedtime.

Saturday was a Crossroads of the West gunshow and this time Kenny and Loc and I went down together. We ran into another fellow that works close to us and he had enough free passes in his hand that we all got in for free! Thanks, Dane! I did take the Warthog along, in its box and with its picture on the outside of the box hoping to find someone that wanted to buy it as much as I wanted to sell it. No such luck on that effort... But we had a good time, I bought some ammo and trinkets and we retired to our regular, post-show lunch at Hooters.When I got home, I worked on Beauty some more until it was late.

Today I slept in and then met Carol for coffee at a new place in town, the Peloton Cafe. It shares space with a brand new Bingham's Cyclery. We had a great chat, looked at some shiny new bikes from Electra and parted company. And- I worked on the scooter yet again...

Beauty's nearly put back together except for 2 nut clips and one bolt. Somehow those pieces went AWOL while sitting on my bench and I'll get new ones tomorrow. It should be ready to move out into the carport in another day or two. That reminds me; I have to reconnect the horn wires under the nose.

So that's it- I've had a good weekend with friends and on my own, but missing the spouse's company. I've managed a little cleaning this evening and I paid the bills. I've made a CD of some computer troubleshooting software for Loc who called me with a virus attack on his computer and I repaired the tip of my fishing rod which I unfortunately broke to end our fishing trip on Friday. I haven't starved, in fact I've had some good food, I kept the animals fed and I made lots of progress on the scooter.

Now its time for a shower before I head off to the airport!

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